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Banding: To Serve The Present Age - by B/M John Lam


Web Sites

Brass Link - -

This site is a great link to hundreds of other brass web sites both Salvation Army and other. It also offers links to Recordings, Instruments, Publishers, Books, etc


Salvation Army Collectibles -

This site offers SA items, history, free downloads and more


4 Bars Rest -

Brass Band web site


The Internet Bandsman's Everything Within (IBEW) -

The complete information resource for brass bands world wide


Regal Zonophone -

Here is a terrific web site for your listening pleasure. Do you remember the old 78 rpm recordings made by Regal Zonophone? This web site contains many of them for you to enjoy. There was some great playing back in the "old days" albeit a bit different from what we strive for now. Nevertheless, you will enjoy these performances.


Salvation Army Radio Broadcasts - (FM 98.5 CKRW)

Tom Quick's SA radio show last Monday of every month from 9:00 until 11:00 PM EST

They also broadcast a 30 minute program every Sunday evening from 8:30 until 9:00 pm EST called "Let There Be Praise"

Go to Tom's web site at


The World of Brass -

The best in brass band and brass soloist recordings from all over the world including DVD's, video clips and reviews


The World of Brass Tunes -

The world's first music download web site dedicated to brass bands. Download single tracks or complete recordings.



Theme Magazine -

This is a music publication of the Canadian Territory.



Brass Band World -

Essential reading for the brass world



The Brass Herald -

The ultimate brass lover's magazine covering every aspect imaginable and in a beautiful glossy format.




In the Firing Line - by Wally Court

A biography of Bramwell Coles

contact Wally Court at Etobicoke Temple




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