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Previous Bandmasters

B/M Hugh McGregor
B/M Glen Shepherd
1949 - 1965
B/M Bram Gregson
1965-1978 & 1980-1995
B/M Bernie Doars
The Band

The Salvation Army began in Canada in 1882 with Jack Addy and Joe Ludgate conducting open airs in downtown London. As the Army grew over the next decade, it experienced some interesting growing pains such as at least one person jailed for beating a drum on King Street in downtown London. A very special event was the visit of William Booth in 1886.


The London Citadel Band got its start in 1883. It improved over the next decade and by the early 1900's was in demand at other Army corps including Windsor and Detroit. In 1932, the Golden Anniversary celebrations were a great success, conducted by Colonel Dalziel,  the  Chief  Secretary. The bandmaster, Hugh McGregor, wrote a march  for  this  occasion  entitled "London Jubilee", which was performed at the Saturday night festival.


There was peak excitement during this decade when Canada received its first visit from a reigning monarch. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth came to the country in June 1939 and were in London on June 7. Among the estimated 300,000 citizens and visitors who came out to welcome them, was the Citadel band who were to play at the corner of Grosvenor and Waterloo Streets. As the band was preparing to march to their playing spot from the Citadel on Clarence Street, a car pulled up and an unknown American SA Colonel got out and stood behind the D.C. for the march. He was wearing a straw hat, Army tunic, grey trousers, and brown shoes, much to the consternation of the bandmaster, Hugh McGregor, who was a real stickler for proper uniform. No one ever found out who the Colonel was.


The Citadel band was used for church services at Wolseley Barracks many times and several bandsmen joined the Army Service Corps Band (Reserve), which was conducted by Hugh McGregor, Wally Needham and then Glen Shepherd. On one occasion the band went to play to soldiers who were departing for overseas. The bandmaster asked if anyone had any requests.  Someone yelled out "Roll Out the Barrel" - somehow the band was able to fulfill this request and played with their usual finesse.


During the war years, the London Citadel Corps in general, and the band in particular were augmented by soldiers, sailors and airmen from other countries, as well as other towns in Canada. In 1944 the bandmaster, Hugh McGregor, moved to Brantford and Glen Shepherd took over the leadership of the Citadel band.


The corps received many visits from other musical  sections in  the Army world including Earlscourt  Band,  Kitchener Band and Danforth Songsters. In 1952 London was visited by the International Staff Band under the leadership of Col. Duggan and Bandmaster Bernard Adams.


The 70th anniversary celebrations were conducted by Commissioner and Mrs. Dalziel. The march of witness was rained out  but  a  service was held  at the Armouries featuring the massed bands of Hamilton Citadel, Kitchener Citadel and London Citadel.


The welcome meeting for Captain and Mrs.  Fred Watkin in 1965 was held without the participation of the band, whose instruments were in the process of being converted to low pitch. The band was now under the leadership of Bram Gregson, who took over at the end of 1964.


The Salvation Army took part in the Canadian Centennial celebrations in 1967. There was an army float in the parade on July 1, 1967 and the Citadel  band participated.


In the summer of 1976, the band undertook a 2 week tour of England, which was a great success in spite of the oppressive heat in England that year. The  tour's  highlight  came  at  a performance at the Royal Albert Hall.


A neighborhood carol service held in December 1984 at Saunders Secondary School attracted over 600 people. It has since been an annual event held at London's Centennial Hall and often enjoyed by crowds of 1200 or more.


Since that time, the band has done a second trip to the UK in 1997 as well as trips to the West Coast of Canada and the USA, Southern USA Territory, Old Orchard Maine, Holland Michigan, Columbus Ohio, Chicago Illinois, Syracuse New York, The Great American Brass Band Festival in Danville Kentucky, and many others.




Samuel Redburn (one of the early bandmasters), James Pope (c1890), George Wilson (1907-13), Charlie Woods (1913-16), William Jolly (c1917), Hugh McGregor (1930s-43), Glen Shepherd (1943-52, 1953-64), Lyle Hammond (1952), Bram Gregson (1964-78, 81-95), Bernard Doars (late 1978-81)



G. Antram (1960s), Michelle Ash (2003-2006), Lloyd Baldwin (1930s-60s), Tom Bell (1960s), Jack Benton (c1907), Jon Bonnar (1987-88), A. Brewer (1930s), Bill Bridle (1930s-40s), Steve Brown (1989-90), Fred Browne (1964-89), Wally Bunton (1930s), Kent Burnes (1950s-60s), Steve Champ (1995-97), John Clayton (1990s), Stewart Dalrymple (1989-98), John Darraugh (1968-early 70s), Greg Davis (1982-86), Deborah Dawe (Cornet & Flugel Horn) (2000-2010), Ron Dunkley (1940s), Sarah Ewing (2005-09), Ernie Falle (1930s), Jack Fickling (and as colour sergeant)(1946-93), E. Forbes (1930s), Robert Forbes (1930s), Alena Freeman (1998-00), Tom Fry (c1907), David Fuller (1982-85), Jack Gauld (1940s-50s), Ron Gilbert (1966-2011), William Gordon Sr (1949-58), William Gordon Jr (1957-58), Stan Harvey (c1907), Edgar Hoe (1940s-70s), Ernie Hoe(Soprano)(1940s-50s), Charles Huard (1914-18), Dan Jaremko (1986-90 and 1998-01), Wayne Jeffery (1970s), Percy Johnson (early 1960s), John Judge (1930s), Heather Goodier (1988-88), Ernie Legg (1940s), Mary Lindsay (late 1800s), Trent Mansell (1972-75), Rod McLeod (early 1960s), Julia Meyers (1985-97), Jack Morris (1958-65), Nathan Moyle (1994-99), Warren Nicholl (1987-91), Ron Noseworthy (1997-2012), Tilly Parker (late 1800s), Howard Philips (1970s), Erik Pittock (1987-95), Harry Potter (1930s), Roger Pugh (c1907), Ernie Reid (early 1960s), Don Ritson (1987-87), Ken Ritson (2003-06), Craig Robertson (1992-97), David Robertson (1993-97), Mary Russell (late 1800s), Edith Salmon (1914-18), Jennifer Seniscal (1996-97), Scott Shelley (1996-96), Glen Shepherd Jr. (1963), Ethel Smith (1914-18), Stan Smith (1930s), Ted Sparks (1983-85), John Viele (1930s), Stephanie Vincent (2005-06), Stan Walter (c1947), Alf Ward (1907-13), Harry Ward (c1907),  Jack White Jr (1940s-50s), Jim White (late50s-early60s), Art Wilkinson (c1907), Colin Williams (2015-17), Ed Wilson (1907-13), Graham Wilson (1990-93), Jeff Wilson (1999-04), Tommy Wilson (1975-14), Larry Wright (1960s), Neville Yates, (1970's)



Archie Andrewes (1907-50s), Ethel Bentley (1914-18), Major Jamie Braund (2009-11), John Bright (c1938), John Britan (1982-90), Jim Browne (1965-67), Major Stan Burditt(R) (1992-2005), Eric Carver (1940s-60), Gord Chapman (1939-83), Steve Cochrane (1994-97), Rachel Ewing (2005-09), Bert Faulkner(Flugel) (1930s-50s), Brian Fuller (1965-2016), Stan Hammond (1940s-50s), B. Harris (early 1960s), George Holmes (early 1960s), Sarah Horwood (late 1800s), Nellie Jolly (c1917), Charles Knighton (early 1960s), Fred Legg (1930s-60s), Alex Mann (1920s-50s), David Mercer (1983-86), Mike Millard (1960s-70s), Valerie Moreton (Flugel)(1997-98), Jack Morton (1930s-60s), Lloyd Ottaway(Flugel) (1940s-50s), Candace Pyne (1993-95), Mykaela Rigg (2014), Stephanie Rigg (2012-14), Don Ritson (1980s), Darryl Robbins (1994-95), Alasdair Rose (early 1960s), Sid Rowell(1940s), Stanley Rumble (c1907-13), Tina Samson (2002-06), Jack Shepherd (1920s-30s), Isobel Sloman (1914-18), Arthur Snell (c1913), Clyde Tilley (1989-01), Gary Titcombe (1962-89), Gord Ward (1960s-70s), Allan Weatherall (2005-17),Ron Wickens(Flugel)(2000-02), Bill Wilson (1962-64), Ernie Wilson (c1907), Rick Wright (mid 70's - early 80's)



D. Abbott (1930s), Stewart Allington (1982-85), John Barton (1930s), Glen Beard (1970s), Dick Bellamy (1970s), Russ Bezeau (1930s), Bill Brown (1993-99), Gord Browne (1967-91), Doug Burden (1960s), Charlie Camper (c1907), Matt Champ (2004-05), David Cooper (c1907), Joe Davis (1930s-50s), Al Deadman (c1947), Art Dickenson (c1913), Mrs. Eggett (late 1800's), Martha Ewing (2006-2010), Dave French (1960s-70s), Eric Fyn (1990-93), Ken Hammond (1940s-50s), Lyle Hammond (1945-58 & 85-91), Roy Harper (c1907), Connie Hatcher (1914-18), Eric Haymes (1930s), Cam Hicks (1980s), Pete Hicks (c1947), Bernie Holmes (1970s-80s), Fiona Hopkins (1995-97), Walt Jarvis (c.1913), William H. Jarvis (c.1914), Ken Kimmins (1980s), Graham Kinghorn (1970's), Bob Knighton (1936-70s), Ray Knighton (1950s-60s), Ernie Lee (1941-65), Adrian Moyle (1973-98), Ben Moyle (1991-03), Archie Murray (1920s-30s), Jack Oultram (1920s-30s), Shawn Pyne (1994-97), Phil Rayment (1995-96), Fred Russell (1907-30s), Eric Shepherd (1959-15), Ed Stewart (c1917), Mark Sturge (1999), Doug Thompson (1960s), Russ Thompson (1980s), John Vanderheiden (1920s-30s), Doug Walker (1970s), Glen Ward (1970s), Greg Watt (1960s-70s), Barrie Woodley (1960s), Charlie Woods (1910s-30s), Walt Wren (1940s) 



Ted Andrewes (1930s), Cassie Barrett (2014-2015), Rob Burditt (03-07), Jessica Butt (2013-17), (Art Edwards (1963-91), Cliff Flannigan (1940s), Don Ford (1940s), Percy French (1907), Fred Gibson (1920s-30s), Anne Good (1914-18), Minnie Green (c1917), Art(A.B.)Hicks (1970's), Dave Holmes (early 1960s), Martin Holmes (1970- -2019), Herb Horwood (1907-30s), Gordon Jater (c1907), Bill Judge (c1907-30s), Minnie Lewis (late 1800's), Keith Mattison (1960s), April McNeilly (1988-95), Andy Milton Jr. (1930s-50s), John Potter (1907-30s), Harry Smallman (c1913), Wilf Tompkins (c1907), Bill Williams (early 1960s), Carolyn Wilson (1990s), Ian Wilson (1960s), Norm Wombwell (1982-97), Terry Wright (1960s) 


Steven Burditt (2003-11), Murray Carr (2009-17), Bernie Doars (1967-11), George Ellarby (early 1960s), Jack Fearnall (1958), Jim Ferris (1960s), Norm Heathcote (1950s-60s), Mike Hetherington (1992-97), Bill Kerr (1960s), George McConnell (1920s-30s), Curtis Metcalf (1970's), David Moulton Sr(1982-85), Rody McLeod (1931-68), Chris Palmer (1992-2006), Mike Stayner (1995-97), Eric Wilson (1961-94) 


Joe Apted (c1907), Dale Bennett (1969-79), Henry Burden (1950s), Ken Chapman (1963-72), Matt Clark (1993), Kevin Cole (1985-17), Simon Downey (1997-2002), Stan Gibson (c1913), Ray Goddard (Eb Bass), Les Godden (c1947), Ted Hackett (1930s), Chuck Hoe (1969-01), Joel Ivany (2001),Ed Judge (1920s-70s), Al Knighton (1920s-30s), Rob Knighton (1962-1969), Tom Lizmore (c1907), Cam MacTavish (1940s-70s), Tom Mason (c1907), Andy McLeod (1930s-60s), Bob McLeod (1930s-50s), Sam Naylor (c1913), Wally Needham (1930s-70s), Bill Oultram (c1913), Doug Pettit (c1907), Darryl Pilgrim (1994-97), Jon Pittock (1973-85), Jack Priest (1930s), Bill Rawling (1913-17), Jack Roberts (1930s), Brian Taylor (1987-91), Wayne Taylor (1980-83), Jim Tompkins (1907), John Yates (1970's) 


Jeff Bellamy (c1907), Sara Bright (2004-08), Fred Curtis (1969-2010), Doug Edwards (1970s), Bill Fry (c1907), Charlie Hoe (1913-29), Adam Flowers (1930s), Lia Holmes (2002-03), Gord Mayer (2012-2015); Andy Milton Sr. (1930s-50s), George Pellett (1930s), Robert Shepherd (1913-17), Paul Tustin (1987-87), Rhonda White (1989-92), Bob Whitfield (1940s), Fred Woodley (1933-71) 

Colour Sergeant

George Dickinson (c1907), Jack Fickling (1946-93), Bill (Pop) Flannigan (1930s-50s), Bert Clements (1950s), Jack White Sr. (1960s)


We do our best to make sure this list is complete. If you are aware of any omissions or if you are an alumni of LCB and your name does not appear, we would ask you to contact us so we can make the appropriate changes.


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